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Don’t Promise Me Anything

short film | in pre-production

Hua and Xing, two cousins, have a secret relationship. Everything goes well, until one day, during a family dinner, the family’s patriarchal informs everyone that Xing – who doesn’t speak Portuguese because is to shy, neither finished school – will go back to China to help in the family business. Xing gladly accepts the offer, since he is tired of working at the grocery market every day. It’s a reason to celebrate, for everyone but Hua. Xing and Hua start to count their days together. The closer it gets to their break up, the more Hua starts to understand that there are bigger distances between them, not only going overseas. More active then Xing, she would obbey to be sent somewhere else. Hua starts to see that she actually is fond of living in Rio. In the streets of her neighborhood – where other chinese live – people celebrate the chinese New Year and Carnival, which happen both at the same time.

Project selected for the Short Film Station / Berlinale Talents / Berlin Int’l Film Festival 2014

The shooting will be held in the first half of 2014.

The director
Eva Randolph graduated in Film in UFF, Rio de Janeiro, with a MA in Contemporary Cinema from UPF, Barcelona. Randolph had her debut in direction in 2008, with the short film Ten elephants (2008), which won the Pardino D’oro at Locarno Int’l Film Festival. As nightfalls the woods start to whisper (2010) was commissioned by CCCB (Barcelona Cultural Center) and Fish Boy (2012) was selected at Uppsala Film Festival 2013. Randolph just shot her fourth short film – The Good Behaviour (2014), with the commission of Rio’s Culture Secretary.

Director and Screenwriter Eva Randolph
Executive Producer Daniela Santos
Eduardo Ades
Production Companies Imagem-Tempo
Tela Brasilis
Sponsor Riofilme