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Chronicle of the Demolition

feature film | 2015

Documentary. At the heart of Rio de Janeiro’s downtown, an empty square with a dry fountain and an underground parking. There was located the Monroe Palace, that once housed the Senate, and was mysteriously demolished forty years ago. A history of sabers and lions, military and architects, past and future.

Brazil | 2015 | 90 min | DCP

About the Monroe Palace:
The history of the Monroe Palace (which existed in Rio de Janeiro between 1906 and 1976) summarizes important issues for Brazil in the 20th century, regarding architecture and urbanism, as well as the country’s ideas on modernity and heritage. The Monroe Palace was remarkable because of its construction (having won an international prize for its architecture in St. Louis World Fair, and marked the opening of the Central Avenue), what happened in it (it housed the Senate for decades) and its controversial demolition, which was never fully explained.

As well as presenting an issue never addressed in film, the movie discusses two important moments in the urban modernization of Rio de Janeiro and the changes made in the city’s landscape — the 1900s, when it was built, and the 1970s, when it was demolished. The movie should be heavily based on archive footage, but will also include interviews. Another of its goals is to locate the Palace’s original pieces, which were dispersed throughout the world after the building was torn apart.

The director:

Eduardo Ades wrote, directed and produced the documentary Brazilians Portraits: Hélio Silva (Canal Brasil, 2011) and the short film The Lady from Estácio (2012), starred by Fernanda Montenegro and Nelson Xavier, winner of numerous awards in Brazil and abroad. Director of the ongoing documentaries Torquato neto, Deviant Angel, Chronicle of Demolition and Anna & Alberto.

Screenwriter and Director Eduardo Ades
Produced by Daniela Santos
Eduardo Ades
João Felipe Freitas
Executive Producer Daniela Santos
Story Eduardo Ades
José Eduardo Limongi
Cinematographer José Eduardo Limongi
Line Producer and Direction Assistant Angélica de Oliveira
Production Designer Dina Salem Levy
Sound Antonio Carlos Liliu
Rodrigo Maia
Editing Eva Randolph, edt
Eduardo Ades
Research Remier Lion
Sound editing Thiago Sobral
Sound mixing Jesse Marmo
Motion graphics Eduardo Seabra


Production Company Imagem-Tempo
Sponsors Riofilme
Canal Brasil
Secretaria de Estado de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro
Support Rio Film Commission