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Lesson # 18 – Romeo and Juliet

theater | 2011

Screenwriter Doc Comparato’s play presents the funny, sarcastic and cynical story of a playwriter seeking opportunities and recognition. On a train to Turin, he receives a 16th-century manuscript from a stranger supposedly with the originals of what Shakespeare would have based his classic “Romeo and Juliet” on.

Teatro Poeira, Rio de Janeiro, 2011.

Click here for the review by Lionel Fischer on his blog (portuguese).

Cast Bel Garcia
Bianca Comparato
Fabrício Belsoff
Thierry Trémouroux
Author Doc Comparato
Director Lucas Marcier
Director's Consultant Enrique Diaz
Idealization Bianca Comparato
Gabriel Wainer
Project Coordinator Bianca Comparato
Administrative Coordinator Eduardo Ades
Executive Producers Eduardo Ades
Miçairi Guimarães
Sandro Rabello
Line Producer Mariana Serrão
Scenography André Weller
Lighting Tomás Ribas
Costume Designer Rita Comparato
Musical Direction Lucas Marcier
Body Preparation Renato Linhares
Vocal Preparation Leila Mendes
Photographer and Designer Filipe Raposo


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