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Art on the Label

TV series | 2014

The series, screened on Canal Brasil, brings the stories behind classic Brazilian albums. Over 26 episodes, the layout of the album labels are commented and discussed by its main creators, bringing facts and trivia on the discs.

More than mere packaging, the covers are actually a visual representation of the album’s musical proposal. Fruit of collaboration between the musicians, graphic artists and photographers, many cases have become anthological by force of his images, layout, the meaning and ideological load they carried, the stories or ideas they represented.

In the first season, testimonials from several graphic artists who made history in Brazilian music: Cesar Villela, on the covers of Elenco, created a unique and unforgettable style for the Bossa Nova albums; Elifas Andreato always imposed his personal vision and interpretation of the disc; Gringo Cardia and Luiz Stein understood to develop a cover was to create the visual identity of that artist that record at that time, and extrapolated his art to sets and video clips. We have the emblematic photographs of Cafi and plasticity of Muti Randolph, Tunga and Mello Menezes, the designers Ricardo Leite, Felipe Taborda and many others. All to tell the story of this very unique “package”.

Watch the program online on Canal Brasil’s website (link below).

Screenwriter and Director João Felipe Freitas
Executive producers Daniela Santos
Eduardo Ades
Cinematographers José Eduardo Limongi
Gustavo Pessoa
Felipe Sabugosa
Pedro Moraes
Alê Ramos
Bruno Risas (SP)
Bernard Machado (BH)
Sound recorders Henrique Ligeiro 
Antônio Carlos Liliu
Isabel Taunay
Lucas Ariel
Line producer Gisella Cardoso
Editors João Felipe Freitas
Diego González
Sound mixing Audiorama
Color grading Glauco Guigon - Andaluz
Concept Tarcísio Lara Puiati


Production company Imagem-Tempo
TV Channel Canal Brasil