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Elísio Pitta | Foto Adenor Gondim
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Beatriz Azevedo | Foto: João Felipe Freitas
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Still | Ginga, de Hank Levine, Marcelo Machado, Tocha Alves
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Daniela Santos

With a MA in Film from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Daniela Santos has been in film business for 13 years developing and producing projects. She produced several short-films, medium-length film and film festivals. She was selected by the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro to participate in Rotterdam Lab 2011 and Cannes Producers Network 2012. Main features films: Post-production – December (Selton Mello, 2008) and The Dead Girl’s Feast (Matheus Nachtergaele, 2008); Line production – The Joy (Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande, 2010), Memories they told me (Lúcia Murat, 2012) and Amazonia (Thierry Ragobert, 2013); Executive production: Elena (Petra Costa, 2012), Yorimatã (Rafael Saar, 2014); Torquato Neto, Deviant Angel (Eduardo Ades and Marcus Fernando, in production) and Monroe Palace – a History of Brazilian Modernity (Eduardo Ades, in production). Associated, executive and line production: Craft (Gustavo Pizzi, 2010) and Hill of Pleasures (Maria Augusta Ramos, 2013).

Eduardo Ades

Graduated in Cinema at UFF – Universidade Federal Fluminense, Eduardo Ades is director, screenwriter and producer. He began working in film with diffusion and reflection projects:  Tela Brasilis Film Society (2003-2010), electronic magazine Cinestesia (2003-2004) and curating and producing film festivals (2006-2011). In 2010, Ades produced and directed the TV documentary Brazilian Portraits: Hélio Silva (Canal Brasil). In 2012, he produced his first fiction short-film as writer and director – The Lady from Estacio – for which he received important awards for Best Direction, Screenwriting and Film. Executive Producer of the short-films: Technicolor (Luciana Penna, 2008), After nine (Allan Ribeiro, 2008), Apocalypse Summer (Carol Durão, 2013), The good behaviour (Eva Randolph, in post-production) and By my side (Tarcísio Lara Puiati, in post-production). Main feature films: executive coordinator – Aspirantes (Ives Rosenfeld, in post-prduction); associated, executive and line production: Hill of Pleasures (Maria Augusta Ramos, 2013); executive producer: Yorimatã (Rafael Saar, 2014). Screenwriting and direction: Torquato Neto, Deviant Angel (in partnership with Marcus Fernando, in production) and Monroe Palace – a History of Brazilian Modernity (in production).

João Felipe Freitas

Journalist and publicist, postgraduate in Communication and Image, João Felipe Freitas works as director and editor since 2005. He edited short-films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and TV shows. Editor of the awarded short-films: Chimera (2013), Cowboy (2011) and Suicide bombing (2009), directed by Tarcísio Lara Puiati, and A última visita (Zelito Viana, 2008). He is also the editor of the documentaries Blessing (Tarcísio Lara Puiati, 2007/DOCTV III, awarded for Best Documentary in Bahia Afro Film Festival 2010) and Going Back (Rafael Figueiredo, 2013/Canal Futura). Freitas received the award of Best Editing in MixBrasil Film Festival 2010 for the short-film Taxi boy (Tarcísio Lara Puiati, 2009). Co-director of the fictional tv series in 13 episodes The scene for health for Canal Saúde. Director and editor of the short 1468973512 – The Mirror of a Moment (2010), of the video clips of guitarist João Rabello and singer Maira Freitas, of the awarded DVDs Two faces, by the popular Brazilian singer Alcione, and also of her new DVD: Alcione, Eternal joy (Canal Brasil/Biscoito Fino).